Maureen Rigaudon

Maureen Lloyd Rigaudon joined the firm in August 2005 as a member of our Tax Accounting and Wealth Management Departments. Mrs. Rigaudon has been focused on federal and state tax compliance, client income and estate tax planning, Advent Axys® reporting, and bill paying services.  Prior to joining us, she spent five years as a staff accountant with Fulbright & Fulbright, CPA, PA in Durham, North Carolina. Mrs. Rigaudon gained experience in federal and state tax, corporate, individual, and partnership tax preparation compilation. She was also responsible for training new business owners on how to effectively use the QuickBooks Pro® program. Mrs. Rigaudon holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Administration and a minor in Accounting & Finance from the University of the Virgin Islands, St. Thomas, U.S.V.I.

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